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Keep it Fresh

I took a broad look at my instagram account the other day, scrolling to the bottom. I saw a lot of the same style of updo, just different variations of it. I realized I totally have "go to" look. At first I was slightly embarrassed....and then when I thought deeper about it, I realized that lots of artists have a particular style they are known for-and that's okay! I often find my fingers working outside of my brain, creating looks that I can do in my sleep. That's okay sometimes....however I don't want to put myself in a box, so I'm asking myself: how can I make sure I'm trying new things, broadening my looks, and always creating fresh updos??

(The look I'm talking about is in the picture....low, soft curls.

That's kinda my signature updo LOL!)

One way I've been experimenting with lately is to watch one or two tutorials daily on IGTV. Yesterday morning I was on the treadmill and I opened up instagram to watch a tutorial. I found a great one from an artist in Russia and watched the whole 10 minute thing-which I usually don't do because I'm running around doing a million other things during the day. Not only did it get me though a mile of running, but I had a trial with a bride last night and I tried out the exact technique I learned by watching this hairstylist work her magic. It was great! And inspiring.

I want to challenge you (and myself!) to watch a tutorial or updo video every day, and see what you can learn! Trial runs and bridesmaid updos are excellent places to try out new techniques, hone in on your skills, and keep your styles fresh for your brides.

(Here's a picture from a trial I recently did-It wasn't necessarily a new look for me, but I did try a new technique that I learned from watching some hair videos and it turned out beautifully!)

As we enter into springtime, let's commit to learning and growing together and see what fresh new life we can breathe into our creative skills!

Thanks for being here!

Heidi :)


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