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Many hairstylists are afraid of updos. We learn just a few techniques in cosmetology school, and then get out into the real world of brides, bridesmaids and special occasions and there is an overwhelming amount of styles to learn. Those of us who have always loved updos don't always get a lot of opportunities in the salon to put our skills into practice. The only alternative to get to do formal occasion hair is to get out of the salon and start some freelance work. The tricky part is once you make the leap to booking weddings or other special events, there isn't the same education and growth opportunities that exists in a salon and the camaraderie of other stylists is virtually nil.


After doing weddings on my own for 11 years, I noticed a serious lack of education for updos and it was getting lonely out there! I wanted to create something that would provide educational opportunities, especially for those fresh out of school or just getting into the industry, and also create a world of support. There are so many youtube tutorials, Instagram quick videos, and other social media outlets-it can be overwhelming. I wanted a place to share the most helpful and most relevant information for true professionals. I also know that the limited amounts of updo classes that are available aren't offered in most states, and can be very expensive. When first starting out it is hard to come up with that kind of money to invest in your business! I wished there was a place I could go online to get tips and tricks, professional development, quality education and find a supportive community. After searching for a couple of years and coming up dry, I decided to create it myself.

The Updo Collective is a community of hairstylists who are passionate about updos, who want to grow in their skills and knowledge, and who have a desire for a community of like-minded individuals who can collaborate and support one another. There is no commitment, just a place to pop in and out when you have questions, have a great updo to share, need to talk over struggles, or want to learn how to do something you haven't done before.

I am committed to sharing what I have learned working with weddings and special occasions over the past 11 years, my experience in running a traveling hair and makeup boutique, and cultivating a great community of support. If you want weekly tricks of the trade, I will have that in a newsletter. If you just want some community, join our Facebook group, and if you are looking for foundational education to grow your own skills in updos I have courses and tutorials just for you. Whatever it is you need, I hope to see you in The Updo Collective!

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