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Do Updo Products Even Matter?

Well, maybe.

Here's the deal. If you don't have the skills and techniques to create beautiful updos, no product is going to be a magic formula. If you don't know how to create a boho braid then texture spray won't do anything for you. If you don't have the techniques to create that polished, smooth bun then smoothing cream can't do it either.

Products are tools that go alongside the skills you have. When you're first starting out, I don't think the brand of product you use matters in the least. You can really get by with hairspray and texture spray in the beginning...heck I would even say you could get by with just a bottle of hairspray! There are so many skills and styles and things to learn to create all of the beautiful updo options in the world. Perfect your techniques first, then worry about products!

In this short video, I do a really quick updo and talk through some of my thoughts on products and why I use what I use!

If you need more updo help, grab the free guide at


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