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The Aveda Dream

Hey friends!

I remember thinking I wanted to go to beauty school when I was in high school. For some reason, I didn't think I could, or that it was a career that was "real" enough to do...but the desire was there. Instead, I went to a small college and decided to major in exercise science. I soon became the resident hairstylist in my dorm-experimenting with haircuts and getting everyone ready for dances the school hosted. I also played hockey there and started to cut everyone's hair on the hockey team! I didn't think much of beauty school again until my friends started to get married and asked me to do their wedding was the beginning. (The pic is the first wedding I ever did!)

At the end of my time in college and beyond, I did most of my friends hair for their weddings and started to a few friends of friends. Meanwhile, I tried a lot of different things by way of jobs....

-missionary in Kenya

-personal trainer

-nutrition coach

-hockey coach



-substitute teacher

-special education teacher's assistant

That last job in special ed had me driving past the Aveda Institute every single day. I dreamed of going there as I drove past. And then, after a year of driving by, when I was 25, I applied and got in.

My dream had begun!!!

See you next week!!

Heidi :)

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