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The key to a successful wedding? Communication. It is everything, from the very first email until the very end. I want to share with you what I think are the most crucial things to communicate with the bride that will really help your wedding days go smoothly and leave you with great reviews for your business.

  1. Prompt emails. Email back right away, use punctuation and write properly. You are a professional, and brides appreciate when they get to communicate with someone who is prompt and a pro

  2. Lay out your prices and policies clearly. Communicate any additional fees and policies you have before they book you so there are no surprises.

  3. Communicate your expectations for the day of, and ask the bride hers. Talk about timelines, location, people, and even little things like if there are mirrors available or ample lighting.

  4. Check in before the wedding. Even if you feel like you’ve covered all of the details, send a check in email a week before her big day. Express your excitement for her wedding, and ask if there have been any changes that you should be aware of.

  5. Show up early. There’s nothing worse than putting a bride into a panic on the morning of her wedding. Give her peace of mind by being more than on time, and allowing yourself time to park and set up.

Something I learned back in beauty school was to “under commit and over deliver.” This was in the context of the actual hairstyle, but I find this to be true in small things like showing up earlier than expected, sending out a PDF of the timeline, or just sending a thank you card for booking with you. Treat your clients like they are #1, and you will see a big return in your business!

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