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Tricky Brides

What do you do with the tricky bride? We’ve all had them and it can be so stressful! I know I’ve had brides who want multiple trials, don’t seem to be happy with anything, and just keep you on your toes.

This is what I have discovered. Most of the brides that I have worked with who are “tricky” are stressed out, have tons on their plates, and don’t always know what they want. It is my job to stay calm, to continue to be kind, to serve them with the best of my ability, and coach them the best I can to help them decide what they want. I may spend more time reassuring, doing more than one trial, sending more emails than usual, and checking in-but they truly can become your biggest fans. It’s not always easy to do this with a smile on, but I promise it will be worth it when they are happy at the end and are totally happy they hired you-a kind and patient person.

That being said, there are exceptions to this. Every once and while you hear the horror stories, or you just get that feeling in your gut that this gal is not going to be pleased no matter what. It is always okay to cut ties if you feel unsafe or that your business will be on the line. My advice in this situation is to do it early so they have the opportunity to find someone else and they don’t feel like you left them high and dry days before their wedding. If you get this feeling right away or after a trial, it is okay to let them know that you don’t think you are a good fit for them and they would be happier with someone else. It’s better to lose one client than to compromise yourself and the business you are trying to build!

All in all, do a gut check when working with a difficult client. Ask yourself if she just needs patience and kindness, or if you feel you are putting your business at risk. At the end of the day, it is your choice and you need to be kind to yourself as well!

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