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What's in your kit?

I have worked with a variety of stylists, and some show up to a wedding with a huge suitcase and others have a cute little pack with maybe one curling iron and a handful of bobby pins. I fall somewhere in the middle, where I don’t want to take my whole studio with me but also I want to be prepared for anything! So what are the essentials?

I think it is helpful to have a couple sizes of curling irons as well as a flat iron. The flat iron is essential if you have a client with a lot of texture frizz and it needs to be smoothed out near the hairline, and having different sizes of curling irons will give you options for different updos.

I always have my main bottles of product, plus a backup of hairspray. I never want to be in the position where I could run out or a nozzle breaks. I also have had a brand new bottle of something break in my bag on the way to the wedding, and if I didn’t have a back up it would have been not so good!

I keep every color of bobby pin in my kit, as well as different sizes. Every once and while you get that blue haired bridesmaid, or the snow-white haired grandma and oh boy do pins show in g-ma’s hair. I also like to have some big heavy duty pins for the gal with 3 inch thick ponytail, rather than having to use a million of the small ones.

I have multiple elastics with me, from the little clear ones to regular hair binders. You never know what hair type you’ll encounter, and it is great to have all of the options handy.

It's nice to have many combs and brushes, that way if I drop one or have a huge wedding party I don’t have to waste time sanitizing in between and digging around for more.

I always have a few extensions with me, just in case, in every color. I’ve hardly had to use them, but it can be a life saver in some situations!

Lastly, I always bring water and an easy to eat snack or two. I don’t know about you, but there have been times I thought I would pass out if I didn’t have one bite of food! No one wants to resuscitate their hairstylist on their wedding day!

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