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Anxiety! Yep, I have it sometimes.

I was nervous this week. I am not usually nervous when a wedding is coming up, but this weekend I booked myself for two in one day (which I don't love doing, but I really wanted to take this second wedding since it was a friend referral). The first bride had a trial, but the second bride didn't end up having one since she was from out of state-so I didn't really know what to expect aside from our emails. So my brain did what it does sometimes.....what if I'm late for the second one? One if the first one goes over time? What if my car breaks down? What if the second bride is not very nice and I'm 5 minutes late and she writes me a bad review? What if what if what if......not helpful.

Everything ended up going beautifully, I was pleased with the results on both brides and they were both wonderful to work with. But what did I do to overcome some of the initial anxiety? How did I set myself up for success? I thought I'd go ahead and share that with you today!

  1. I created a very detailed timeline for the first bride. I did her hair first, which was the most important, so I had ample time to make it perfect. I included buffer time just in case anyone was late or not ready on time. I made sure to include each person at a specific time slot.

  2. The second bride knew I was coming from another wedding and I told her I could be there at 1pm at the earliest. Now actually, I had timed the first wedding to be finished at 11am, but this allowed me to have some leeway in case something happened, and also gave the bride the pleasant surprise of me showing up early. I had way less anxiety knowing I had a whole buffer hour, and the second bride was so happy to see me there even sooner than she had planned.

  3. Since I didn't do a trial with the second bride, I asked her a lot of questions in advance. I had her send me photos of her current hair and also her pinterest board. I knew she had an idea of what she wanted, I knew the style she was going for, I knew her current hair type, and basically just gathered everything I felt I needed to know in advance. I was able to envision my process of how to execute her updo beforehand even though we didn't have a trial, and it turned out wonderfully.

After the second wedding I marched my proud self over to the coffee shop to grab a latte as a reward! I did a good job, served my brides well, and didn't have a panic attack. Success. Planning ahead with the variables you can control is really key, and will make all the difference in this crazy wedding world!

Do you work more than one wedding in a day? Does it ever give you anxiety? Comment below or over in the Facebook Group!


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