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Flowers in Her Hair

Hello friends!

I love when brides decide to add flowers to their wedding day hair. They can pose a few challenges, but I have compiled a few of the things I have found helpful when working with fresh flowers.

1. If you can reach out to the florist beforehand, or relay the message through your bride, have the florist use flower tape on the end of the stems they want in their hair. This helps the flowers slide easily into the updo as well as give something for your bobby pins to grip on as well.

2. Keep the flowers in water until the very last minute. I have put them in when I am done with the bride, even if she isn't taking pictures until hours later, and they totally wilted. Now I finish all of my work on everyone and put the flowers in right before I go. I also recommend the personal attendant or maid of honor take a few with them, so in case they do wilt before the ceremony there will be a few spares to swap out the wilted ones with.

3. Flower crowns can be so beautiful, but so tricky! If your bride is having one, make sure that it isn't attached in a full circle. It should have two ends to be able to slide into each side of your bride's updo. Flower wires wrapped in flower tape are easier to have your bobby pins grip on as well, rather then just the plain wire. I once had a bride's flower crown that was attached in a circle, and it didn't fit around her head. We had to cut it, and that made her so nervous! It ended up working out, but ever since then I make sure the crown has two ends.

4. The last thing I will advise is to make sure the flowers are individual and not a heavy arrangement. Below is a picture I did for a photoshoot, and while it looked really great, it was slipping out the whole time and there really isn't a way it would have stayed in if it was a real wedding. A better idea would to have been the use the same flowers, but keep them separate so they could be pinned individually. (Especially when the bride's hair is down and not in a full updo!)

Hopefully that helps prepare you to add some beautiful flowers to your bridal looks. Even just a little baby's breath (which, welcome back to the show btw!) can add a really delicate and beautiful touch to an updo.

See you next time!

Photo #1: My trusty phone

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