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Teach Your Clients

Do you ever finish an updo and think to yourself, I could have done that differently? Me too. Sometimes I just think I could have been faster, other times I wonder what the results would have been if I had a different approach. As I drive home from every wedding, I think it over and evaluate my work. How could I have been better? Could I have been faster? Should I have done anything differently? This pushes me to be innovative and try new things the next time. Sometimes I come home and scour the web for a new technique.

Because of this mindset, I am happy to share with you what I am learning along the way. Here's one of my latest examples:

I was styling the mother of the bride's hair and just finishing up as the bride walked by us with her almost waist length hair, and I noticed it looked damp. I asked if she needed the blowdryer to finish drying her hair before we got started-her response was "oh no, it's not wet". Now I thought to myself, many gals with thick hair think its dry but really they have about 20% more blowdrying to go. Well, this was not the case. She sat down in front of me and I quickly realized her hair was not wet, but oily. So oily in fact, that it was an entire shade darker than it was at the trial and very slick in my hands. Being that her hair was long and heavy, this made it even heavier and I was just praising the heavens that she wasn't interested in having a lot of volume!

Driving home from this experience I realized that many people follow the "dirty hair rule" for updos, and it just isn't the best choice for everyone. Before this wedding, I would just casually mention to clients my philosophy on if they should have clean hair or not and hope they remembered on their wedding day. Because of this, I decided to write up a quick guide sheet on how to prep hair for an updo. I send it to the bride a week before her wedding and ask her to send it to her wedding party. This makes sure everyone is in the know for the wedding and I hopefully won't have to troubleshoot a slippery situation again!

Take Home Tip: Teach your clients how to be good clients for you. They don't know hair like you, let alone updos, so you as the expert have the responsibility to teach them how to be great clients!

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