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Stay on Time

Timelines are really important on a wedding day, and the hair and makeup artists are often the first people on the list. Even the most meticulous bride can get behind on time, and we have to make up for it someway and somehow. This can cause a lot of pressure! I know I don't want to be responsible for the first look of the bride and groom to be late, so I have a few tricks up my sleeve to cut my updos in half if I need too. I am happy to share one of my favorite tricks with you today.

Here's your plan-have 1-2 updos that you can do really fast and efficiently, without compromising quality. Some of the bridal party will have a specific look in mind, but there are always those few who let you do whatever you want. This is your ticket to speed-whip up your go-to style and you just gave yourself 15-20 extra minutes! If you can do this on 2 or 3 bridesmaids, you will really help yourself stay on time.

Now, still make sure the updo is beautiful and they love it and everyone is super happy-of course! They don't know the difference between your most intricate 45 minute updo and then one that takes 15. They hired you because they can't do it themselves, and so don't feel bad (like I used too!) if some take longer than others. The bride will be happy because her timeline stayed in tact, and the bridesmaids will ooh and ah at your magic updo skills that took no time at all.

Take Home Tip: Always have 1-2 go-to quick updos in your back pocket.

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