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Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo. What a dream for the updo. I started using it on each and every updo last year, and man is it helpful. Do you remember oily hair bride from my last post? Well I am sorry to say that no amount of dry shampoo was going to help that, but in most cases it sure does. Not only does it provide extra volume at the roots, but it gives fine, slippery hair more grip for pins to stay. I use it whether or not hair is dirty or clean, oily or dry. If I really want a lot of lift, I will do one section at a time and really work it in to their roots. If the hair is already pretty textured, or has natural volume, then I focus the dry shampoo more in the back to provide extra hold to the pins. Unless the hair is naturally curly, I brush through it after I've applied it to help disperse the product and to make sure there isn't any residue (some brands of dry shampoo can leave dark hair looking whitish and powdery).

You may be asking, what about oily hair bride? Why didn't it work for her? My thoughts are that her hair was too long and too thick for the product to make much of a difference. I ended up using as much as I could, brushing through, and then just focusing on making her hair look polished and beautiful. I knew it could have used a bit more lift and texture, but what she saw was her dream wedding hair and didn't have a clue that I struggled with it. She was a special case though-in my experience most people's hair will take to the dry shampoo well and it will really help you create wonderful updos!

Take Home Tip: Dry Shampoo is a dream. Use it 😃

Which dry shampoo should you buy? I've tried a my free PDF review of dry shampoos!

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