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An Updo's Best Friend

So what is an updo's best friend, you ask? Products! Since this month I'm focusing on updo skills, we need to start at the beginning. And what's at the beginning of a great updo? GREAT PREP! As freelance wedding stylists, we usually don't have the opportunity to wash and blow dry the hair, so we have to rely on awesome products to create beautiful hairstyles.

First things first-start with brushing through the hair to start evaluating it. (Unless the hair is naturally curly-that's a lesson for another day!). Is her hair thick, fine, dry, slippery? Start thinking about what you are going to need to use as you brush through. Also take note if the hair is oily at the root and will need dry shampoo, or if it just lays flat and will need a boost.

After you brush through once, then you'll start thinking about product. I find that using a flexible hold hairspray throughout the whole head, and then brushing through that a second time, will give the hair the beginning grip it needs hold a curl and get your updo off to the right start without being crispy or sticky.

Now, depending on the updo and the hair type, there are a whole lot of different approaches you can take. I created a download for you that has my must have products and what I use them for-here's the link to get the list:

The products I listed are what I always have on hand in my kit. Of course, sometimes I experiment with other things and see what works and what doesn't, but I often experiment with products during trial runs and not on the wedding day-so you'll find a lot more products in my studio than what I actually take on the road.

Over the years I've also developed allergies to certain products and smells-so there are some products I love and just can't use anymore! (You'll notice I use a lot of TIGI products-that is because the smell doesn't make me nauseous and I've found I can handle being in a small space with them for long periods of time.)

Bottom line is-you gotta find what works well for you, and that takes trial and error and lots of practice. Products are our best friends as updo experts, and so I encourage you to play around, watch tutorials, scroll videos on Instagram, and buy some new stuff to try out! I've been amazed at how certain products have drastically improved my updos over the years.

So tell me, what are some of your go-to products? What do you use that you absolutely could not do updos without?? I'd love to know! Leave a message in the comments!



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