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Bridal Buns

Let's talk buns!

Simple buns are making a come back in the bridal world, and there are so many ways to execute them! If we get lucky, we get the bride with medium length hair that's been color treated and is a little damaged and will just whip right up into the perfect bun. However....that's not always the case. Here are some of my tips and tricks for bridal buns:

This is long hair with a pony tail base. I divided the ponytail into 3 sections, curled and sprayed each section with texture spray, twisted and pulled out the section, then wrapped each one around the base of the ponytail one at a time. This works well with long hair, and you know it will stay all day.

This is extremely thin hair, a bit past her shoulders. I started with a ponytail again, and then backcombed the whole ponytail and rolled it up, hiding the pins underneath. After I rolled it, I fanned out the roll so it looked much bigger. Backcombing was what made it stay put and not have "holes" through the bun when I fanned it out.

This is sort of a modified bun like style because her hair is so short and fine. I started by creating volume at the crown first, securing that with pins at the base of her head, and then I rolled up the bottom of the hair from the neckline. She definitely didn't have enough hair to put into a bun, so this is alternative idea.

This bridesmaid had medium length hair, so I was able to twist the majority of the back into a loose twist and then pin it in a loose bun. I saved out the crown area and the hair in front of her ears to bring back and loosely pin around the bun.

Lastly, I made a tutorial on how to do a simple, low bun on my YouTube Channel. Check it out here:

I hope this gives you some ideas for how to do your buns this season! Have you found any helpful tutorials or videos that you'd like to share? Comment below! Or maybe you've found a picture that you would LOVE to know how to do, but can't quite figure it out....if that is the case post below and we'll figure it out!

Thanks for joining me!


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