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Tricky Bridesmaids

You know that bridesmaid that wishes she was the bride? Or maybe you’ve been in a situation, like me, where the bridesmaids were way more interested in how they looked then being there for the bride herself. It’s awkward. And tricky. Here are a few tips to navigate:

If the bridesmaid is asking you for a style that you know will take long, politely move her to the end to make sure you have time for everyone else and the bride. Nothing is worse than one person throwing off the entire day.

Be honest. If a bridesmaid is asking for a style that is super complicated and will outdo the bride, ask her the elements she like most about it and try to execute those. This way you can discover what she really likes, making her happy, yet not make her hair better than the brides.

Default to the bride. If a bridesmaid is asking for something that is different than what you know the bride wants, just pleasantly say something like “that sounds great, let’s just check in with the bride to make sure she is happy with that choice for you as well”.

If a bridesmaid is in panic mode because she doesn’t know what she wants, spend a few minutes with her looking at photos and coming up with something together. She’ll appreciate that you took the time to listen and be patient. If she really has no clue what she wants, move her to the end of the timeline so she has time to do some searching.

Inform all of the bridesmaids that you will do a touch up on everyone at the very end, and if anyone needs any changes you will be happy to discuss it then. That way, in case the time runs short at least everyone will be done and ready to go-even if you have an unhappy bridesmaid. If there is the time at the end, you can make adjustments or fix something that a bridesmaid doesn’t like knowing that everyone else is finished now.

I always try to keep in mind that the bride is the most important, and although I want everyone to be happy and feel amazing, the bride is my number one. Keep this in mind as you are taking deep meditative breaths trying to get through the difficult gals :)

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