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Timelines on a wedding day are SUPER important, we know this, but how long should each updo actually take you? How do you get faster?

Your timing will change as you learn and grow more in your updo skills. I think when I started out, I planned for at least an hour if not more for each person. That is okay as long as you allow for it! When you are starting out, take inventory of the people you will be working on. Ask the bride to give you a brief description of each person’s hair type and length. If you know short hair is a challenge for you, allow more time. If long and thick hair will take you twice as long, then create a timeline with that particular bridesmaid in two time slots instead of one. It is okay if you aren’t as fast as you’d like as long as you communicate accurately with the bride on timing.

I would say that 30-45 minutes is industry standard, and the closer you can get to 30 minutes per person, the better. This will allow you to do larger wedding parties by yourself and keep the look consistent. If you are at the point where you need an hour or longer, just partner up with another trusted stylist and go at it together! Finding a updo friend is beneficial for big wedding parties, as well as referring one another when you are already booked.

Wherever you are at with your timing, that is fine. Just know yourself, your capabilities, and plan accordingly. Brides don’t know what is standard anyway, so as long as you are true to your skills and provide accurate expectations, you will be successful.

Lastly, practice makes perfect. The more

updos you do, the more efficient you will become! Practice on friends and family and you will find your timing pick up greatly.

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