Founding Membership

I'm so SO excited!! I want to continue to teach live updo workshops, provide more small group training, offer bridal business coaching and growth, and just BE community for each other! Sound like something you'd want to be a part of?? We're gonna launch May 1st, and I'd love your voice in creating this thriving community! 

$9/month for founding members! (cancel anytime)

This is only for founding members-once the membership opens again it will be $14/month!



I love doing bridal hair and I am super passionate about working in the bridal industry. It can be a daunting task to get started, but I want to show you how and help you do more of what you love!
The Updo Collective is for passionate stylists like you, who want more creativity and freedom in their career. It's for stylists like you who want a place of learning and collaboration, to grow in our skills together. It's for stylists like you to have a community of support in an often competitive and isolating industry. 
Whether you are just getting started or have plenty of experience, there is a community for you here and I can't wait to hear your voice! Welcome!